Kuro CMI-1

The first Molinari 2.0 cue! Manufactured with a very high accuracy, using ultra-modern materials. Fully inlayed with Juma® and Elforyn®, featuring an elegant, minimalistic design. The construction guarantees absolute straightness, uninfluenced by heat or humidity, provides a rock-solid feedback and an 100% energy-transfer. The integrated weight-cartridge allows for tuning, exactly to the players personal preference. Available with a wide choice of joint-systems.

Total System-Integration


  • Molinari 2.0 advanced body construction.
  • Length: 745 mm.
  • Juma® Ivory and Elforyn® and Ivory Grained inlays.
  • Juma® Ivory butt cap.
  • Joint-pin encased in Black Phenolic linen.
  • Joint collar in Black Phenolic linen
  • Integrated weight Cartridge
  • Available joint-systems : Molinari® MonoLith, Longoni® VP2, Uni-Loc® or radial.
  • Molinari TSI-selected.

Color options

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Uni-Loc® and Radial® is a registered trademark of Predator Group.
Longoni® VP2 is a registered trademark of Longoni Srl.
Juma® and Elforyn® are a registered trademarks of Bachmann Kunststoff Technologien GmbH.