The unique patented 3-fin Trident® ferrule-design ensures a better distribution of the forces endured during hard shots with maximum spin. It provides for a larger contact-surface with the shaft-body and results in perfect feedback in all conditions. Each Trident® ferrule is machined from G10 on a specialty CNC-center, guaranteeing a very high accuracy and the tightest possible fit for maximum reliability.

A Kevlar pad is fitted between the ferrule and the tip as tip-support. This helps to evenly distribute the impact-forces over the entire surface of the Trident® ferrule and dampens the vibrations transferred to the shaft-body.

The lightweight construction allows for shafts with very low-deflection properties but at the same time retaining the necessary strength and stability.


Whereas most composite shafts are manufactured by wrapping “Prepreg” sheets of composite fibers over a steel core and finishing the outside of the tube by sanding, we noted this technique resulted in a too wide variation in “wall-thickness” and consequently uneven radial consistency. A new technique was developed resulting in a wall-thickness variation limited to +/- 0,1 mm over the full length of the shaft-body: guaranteeing 100% radial consistency.

Our in-house production technique allows for an infinite variation of shapes, wall thicknesses, and materials; we are able to build shafts exactly to any players’ requirements.


We use our patented Trident® 3-fin ferrule-design also for the shaft collar. This design provides more contact-surface, maximum rigidity and reliability.


Most commonly used joint-systems (VP2®, Uni-loc®, Radial, 5/16, 3/8) are available, as well as our proprietary Molinari® Monolith Joint – system.