The dream of a cue being an extension of my arm came true the first time I had a Molinari in my hands.

Torbjörn Blomdahl


The greatest World Cup player in history and one of the icons of our sport: Torbjörn Blomdahl from Sweden is a legend. His magnificent career spans four decades in which he has dominated and innovated 3-cushion. His approach to position play and his problem-solving creativity at the table have opened doors for new generations.

Blomdahl was the player who broke the 2.000 average barrier, but he also set the standards for sportsmanship in a lifetime of exciting rivalries with Ceulemans, Jaspers, Caudron and others. The world champion of Cairo 1987 is also the world champion of Randers 2019, and he isn’t done yet.


6x World Champion

44x World Cup winner

9x European Champion

Agipi, Crystal Kelly, Sang Lee Memorial, Verhoeven Open, Swedish Championship, German Open, Dutch Open, Simonis Giant Challenge, Zundert Invitational, Briljant Tournament, BMB, Metropole Diamond Trophy, Pro Japan Cup, Supercup, etc etc.