The cue isn't heavy, yet the drive is top notch,

Yu-Wen Hsieh


Yu-wen got involved in billiards because of the Amway Cup. When she saw the tournament broadcast on TV, she hoped that one day she would be able to play on the world stage.

She started playing pool in her first year of high school. After graduation, Yu-Wen took a break from playing for two years, but started playing again because of her passion for pool.

She had been involved ever since.


2014 Japan Tokyo Open 5th Place
2015 WPA World Women’s 9-Ball Championship, 33rd place
2016 Amway World Women’s Pool Championship, 9th place
2016 Women’s Open 8-ball 2nd Runner-up, College Pool Championships
2017 All Japan Championship 9th place
2018 CBSA 9-Ball International Open (Taishun Event) 9th place
2019 All Japan Championship 9th place
2023 National Elite Pool Championship 1st Runner-up
2023 Formosa Cup ACBS Asian Pool Championship 17th Place