The Molinari cue is a very powerful booster that helps players make shots easier.

Quyết Chiến Trần


Tran’s trajectory from a modest upbringing to becoming a prominent figure in billiards is truly remarkable. Growing up in a humble home where a pool table was the centerpiece of entertainment, his fascination for the game of billiards sparked at a tender age.
He embarked on his 3-cushion journey in 2006, delving into the professional realm in 2012. In 2023 Tran emerged victorious at the World Cup tournament held in Porto, showcasing his mastery on the global stage. Additionally, he achieved silver at the World Championships in Ankara, solidifying his consistent prowess and standing among the elite in the world of billiards.


1x World Championship Silver
2x World Cup Winner
1x LG Cup winner
1x LG cup runner-up
1x Asian Champion
2x National Champion