The Molinari Glove stands as an indispensable companion for every player! Pioneering the introduction of this glove for the billiard sport, Molinari® swiftly gained acclaim as the premier choice in the market. The latest iteration of the Molinari® glove represents a significant advancement, offering an unparalleled fit-and-feel coupled with an exceptional non-slip grip on the palm. Its meticulously improved stitching and seams seamlessly blend into the design, providing a virtually undetectable enhancement.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Molinari® glove excels in durability, ensuring a long-lasting investment. Designed to withstand wash cycles, it remains in top-notch condition over time. Notably, the glove’s ability to absorb perspiration guarantees a consistently smooth cueing action, enhancing the overall playing experience. Trusted by top players in both carom and pool, the Molinari® Glove consistently delivers outstanding results on the billiard table. Elevate your game with the unmatched quality and performance that define Molinari®.


  • Left or right hand play
    • RHP: glove for the right handed player, to be worn on the left hand
    • LHP: glove for the left handed player, to be worn on the right hand
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
  • 4 colors:
    • Black
    • Cyan
    • Red
    • Royal Blue

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