Although Molinari Cues® actually focusses on the development of composite-based cues and shafts, we did not forget our fans of the very successful Molinari Cues® Vantage shaft. A new design was developed: the 10-piece spliced construction in selected Canadian hard maple is reviewed, based on the input of our senior team-member Torbjörn Blomdahl, who captured the 2019 World Title with Molinari Cues® again!

Total System-Integration


  • Selected Canadian Hard Maple
  • Spliced 10-piece construction
  • Straight taper
  • Available in 11.3 mm and 11.8 mm
  • Length 690 mm
  • Cerocite®-ferrule
  • Choice of tips: Molinari®, Longoni®, Predator®, Kamui®, Moori®, Le Pro®
  • Available joints: Longoni® VP2, Uni-Loc®, Radial and Molinari® MonoLith®
  • Available weights: 120 – 125 grams, 125 – 130 grams, 130 – 135 grams

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Longoni® is a registered trademark of Longoni Srl.
Predator® is a registered trademark of Predator Group.
Kamui® is a registered trademark of Kamui Brand.
Moori® is a registered trademark of Moori Kobo Co., Ltd.
Le Pro® is a registered trademark of Tweeten Fibre.
Longoni® VP2 is a registered trademark of Longoni Srl.
Uni-Loc® and Radial® are registered trademarks of Predator Group.
Cerocite® is a registered trademark of ADAM

Sadly, our production facility has suffered serious smoke- and water damage due to a fire at our neighbour´s warehouse. Our equipment is currently under restoration and production will be on hold until further notice.

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