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Predator Vantage Shaft

The variables involved in creating the most the accurate shafts in the world are numerous. The unique relationships between front-end mass, material strength, wood grain density, and stiffness all play a role in how a shaft performs. Starting with the all-new Vantage and now in the third generation 314 and Z, we’ve refined that equation even further, creating the most dynamic and accurate shafts we’ve ever produced.

Prize winning

Predator technology 

Inside Molinari


You’ll never see the game the same way again once you play with P3. The customizable weight cartridge system lets you fine-tune P3 within 2,85 gram for a playing experience that’s totally yours. Then there’s the unprecedented 30-piece construction and dense Ash core for better straightness and the astonishingly solid feel that other players only dream about.

Inside Molinari


Four perfectly formed wedges fit snugly together, slipped into a sleeve of exotic wood, then reinforced with phenolic, one of the strongest materials on Earth. If you want equipment you can trust, C4+ is an innovation you can’t ignore.